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Fingers click-clacking across the keyboard
While trying to pin down an idea to write about
Feeling all dried up of ideas and poetry
Thinking about the stories of my life
All seem not right to write about
Seeking for a new idea in the crevices of my brain
Looking for that elusive spark that will create a tidal wave of words

Humming softly as my fingers click-clack
My muse sleeping far away
Ideas too fast to pin down long enough to write about
The room is silent
The only sounds are the click-clack and my soft humming
That elusive spark teasing me by being just out of reach
The worn keys staring up at me as I try my best to jot down ideas

Looking for that tidal wave of words to fill up the blank page before me


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A soft hiss of breath escaping lips
A slow deliberate thrust
A blood drawing scratch down tense back

Fevered kisses and biting teeth
A deep dominant growl
Faster thrusting going deeper

Legs wrapped tight around waist
Pulling the penetrating pleasure closer
Hip held tight while breast is mauled tenderly

Building crescendo of passion
Moans and growls growing louder
Humid air stinking of need and want

One last deep thrust
Scream escaping one throat while growls the other
Passion boiling over and spilling inside and out

Collapsing columns and tangled limbs
One held close and tight while the other rests on broad chest
Whispered affections and soft kisses before blissful slumber and happy dreams
As Death wipes his scythe on the body of another slain mortal he sighs softly
He has lost count of how long he has been doing this eternal task
He has not rested in a billion years, called from one to another
To bring them his personal kiss from his scythe
He rolls his shoulders as he gets the call again
Suddenly snapping right up to his next victim
A young man in a cafe

He stops, watching him with his head tilted
They are crouched over the table in the cafe
Death leans closer, wondering what he is doing
That is when he hears the scrape of the pen across paper

Death lowers his scythe and peeks over his shoulder
Curious as to what he is writing fervently about
He almost smiles as he spots what the young man is writing about


He decides to sit across from the young man and watch him for a while
Death silently sits across from him and watches
Invisible to the man and the others in the cafe
A waitress walks over and speaks to the man
"Coffee hon?"
The man nods and almost impatiently pushes his cup towards her
She fills it up and walks away, but not before a quick glance at where Death sits

Death does not notice, for he is too entrapped with watching the young man write
He reaches out and taps the mans head and grins as the young man screams and jerks up

The man stares at Death, his mouth agape and unspeaking
Death chuckles and points to the paper and speaks, his voice low and like scruffed gravel
"Why do you write about me? he inquires of the one sitting across from him
The young man blinks a few times and then clears his throat
"A-are you Death...?" Death nods and once again points at the paper
He looks down at the paper and then back up at death
"" He sighs and clears his throat again
"I am writing about you because you are the great unknown and I seek answers to the question that is you..."
Death smiles and watches the young man as he poses his next question
"And you hope to find your answers about me in your writings?"
He nods, unblinking as he looks at Death, "I, I do yes."
Death humps softly, nodding and watching the one across the table
Suddenly the man scrambles back quickly, sweat upon his brow
"A-are you here to kill me?!" His question almost demands with his rising voice
Death nods and taps his chin gently, "Indeed I am young man, indeed I am."
The man looks down, tears forming in his eyes, "Why now? I'm still so young..."
He trails off and wipes his eyes and Death replies, "Because it's time to move on.."
Death thinks for a moment, and then continues, "because your time is done in this world, it's time to go to the next one and find what awaits you there."
The young man looks at him, almost pleadingly, Death wonders for a moment if he will beg but is surprised by the next words out of the mans mouth
"Will it hurt?" he whispers, almost chokingly
Death shakes his head, "No, aneurysm, painless, I promise."
The young man nods and looks at Death, "Do I have time to call my family?"
Again Death shakes his head "No, sorry" and gently touches the man again

The young man slumps forward, breathless and still
His soul stands next to Death, looking down at what was once his body
"Well, that was quick" he whispers as he looks at Death "Time to go?"
Death nods and takes his hand, leading him away
The young man sighs "I guess I will never have all my answers..."
Death smiles and whispers "Don't be so sure" before they both disappear into the unknown
Gentle Death
The great unknown, gentle and caringly he takes you... 

Hold me close and tight
Promise to never let me go
You're so tender and warm
Your love so soft and perfect

You mind not the cracks upon my surface
You mind not that I cling onto you
You mind not that I burn fiercely inside

Hold me close and tight
Soothing the rage I hold
You're so soft and gently warm
You love me more than any other can see

Every day you gently stroke my cracks
Watching as they slowly fill with the gold of your touch
Your fingers gently stroking through my long hair

You mind not that I hide behind a blank cracked mask
You mind not that I hide still for you know one day I will show you my true face
You mind not that you get covered in plaster every now and then as the mask cracks more

Hold me close and tight
Your soft kisses upon my scarred chest
The tender touch of your hands upon my flesh
Your soft breath upon my neck

You mind not when I fall asleep with my head upon your chest
You mind not that I hold you tighter in my sleep so I won't lose you
You mind not that I softly sigh your name as I slumber

Hold me close and tight
Promise to never let me go
You're so tender and warm
Your love so soft and perfect

Hold me tight and close, because you love me, and I love you too
The mother sighs with content as she watches her child play in the morning light
She is happy and satisfied in the knowledge that her child is pure
Unknowing of the evil that exists in the wider world
She will fight to keep it this way
To keep her child safe and secure

She calls them to her and they run happily over
She smiles as she tenderly strokes her child's head

She whispers, "You are so sweet and pure, untouched by the world at large..."
Her child beams up at her and they nod, not truly understanding her words
But far too much of a innocent mindset to question what she means

The mother smiles and beckons the child inside "Time to eat my little one."
They go inside and they break their fast with toast, eggs and bacon

She smiles as she watches her child eat
She is happy and satisfied in the knowledge that her child is pure
Unknowing of the evil that exists in the wider world
She will fight to keep it this way
To keep her child safe and secure
Mother and child
I'm not sure if this is any good, I hope it is. 

Either way, enjoy!

(To be honest, it feels a tad incomplete to me right now, so I may or may not edit it in the future. Either way I will sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning.)


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Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for the continual following of me, even if I don't write and post as much as I used to, just fighting my way through some personal stuff and winning! And thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! To all the people who still fave my stuff, you rock!!! \m/
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I'm a writer and lover of all things dark and twisted be it art stories or even other people lol. I guess I'm gothish can be slightly emo at times, like everyone can be :) . I enjoy writing poetry and I'm a massive gamer. If you want to use/post my poetry anywhere all i ask is that you ask me first thanks.

Love to make new friends too so hmu :D

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