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The soft scream as I shove myself into you
The soft whimper as I start to thrust slowly then fast
The sweet tears in your eyes as you look up at me lovingly
The gentle tug of your restraints as your desire to wrap yourself around me overwhelms you

The smile on my lips as you whimper with need
The growl in my throat as I enjoy the pleasure of your most private place
The feel of my claws dragging down your soft supple skin
The smell of your crimson as my claws cut lightly and excites me

Your soft gentle moans becoming louder and more urgent as I thrust harder
Your eyes staring at me and pleading that I allow you release and the whimper as I shake my head "No"

The sweet sympathy of my skin slapping against yours with my growls and your moans filling the room
You begging me between screams to let you release and my answer "No!"
I grab and squeeze your soft pillowy breasts as I growl at you to climax
The feeling of your shuddering honey pot wrapped around my rod drives me to thrust harder

Your screams as you climax over and over again along with your shuddering honey pot bring me to the brink of my own release

I gently wrap a hand around your neck and squeeze lightly as I pound you
The feeling of your heartbeat under my hand and your screaming moans bringing me to my own roaring climax as my body shudders and I slam into you without mercy or pause

I collapse onto your heaving chest as soft growls escape my throat as my passions still fill you before my rod gives a final shudder and I growl into your ear

No love sweeter than that of the bound...

Enjoy my poetry/story thingy mix ^w^
I am the growl in your throat
I am the urge to strike out
I am the seething under your skin
I am the animalistic needs you feel
I am the claws scratching at your chest
I am the desire to dominate and claim
I am the the rage you feel
I am the dark whispering voice in your head
I am the want of blood and flesh ripping and tearing

The suppressed feelings in your chest
The hidden strength and feral rage
The animal within you
The beast you feel shifting inside you
The thing you try and stamp down
The one you want gone
The one you want to silence
The only thing you fear the most in this world

I am your true nature
I am your animal
I am your beast
I am you
Many thoughts wiggle upon my mind like the snakes slithering through the grass of the hill over yonder. Death seems the most prominent one, followed by power beyond mere mortal comprehension. The stars are next, twinkling away and being breath-takingly beautiful as usual, surround by their planets and moons. The ocean features next, watching waves run across the surface in my mind, seeking land to crash upon and slowly erode the beaches away. A slow exhale of breath as my mind switches to thoughts of love, companionship and passion. A gentle stroke upon my cheek and a soft press of lips against my own. My heart beating harder in my chest, beating hard enough that one would think it wishes to escape from this simple contact. Snuggles and cuddles under the blankets as we awaken from slumber and shared dreams the night before, with soft mumbled words that make no sense but are happy things. A gentle cupping of buttocks as we press against one another and bringing both of us to a more awake state as the flames of passion start to rise. Blushing cheeks as I turn from those thoughts to ones of a gentle swim in a small pool when I was a very young child. Innocence and a more simple time, before the world got its claws in me and showed me just what it's ugly real face is like. I will be honest and say I do indeed prefer those times when I was a child, young and untainted, at least that is how I think of it now, before anything happened and my life changed directions. My thoughts shift again and I am brought to the first funeral I ever attended that I can recall clearly, that of my late great-grandmother. I had no idea what was going on at the time. I was about 8 or 9 and death was a very unknown concept to me, even though I had lost a great-grandfather a few years prior. I do believe my mother tried her best at the time to explain to me that he wasn't coming back, that he was up in heaven, and I had no idea what heaven was, and to be perfectly honest, I thought it was just the sky. So, back to what I was talking about, the funeral of my great-grandmother. There was a lot of flowers from what I remember, and they smelled lovely. There was a coffin up the front, and I had no idea what it was or for at the time. I sat down and then a priest started talking about things, such as we all have limited time on this planet and in this life, and I just sat there, thinking about transformers or something like that, most of what he was saying going over my head. It was at this time, as he spoke, that I noticed the people around me crying, and I was confused, for to a young child like me with no real concrete concept of death, nothing sad had happened. As I looked around me, noticing more and more people sniffling and shedding tears it started to dawn on me that something had indeed happened, and I turned to the person next to me, (I don't recall exactly who it was, I believe my mother or an immediate family member), and asked what was going on. They said somethings that I honestly do not recall, but I started to understand that my great-grandma was gone, and wasn't coming back. It was then that I started to weep for one of the first times in my short life, as it all hit me at once. I don't really recall much after that, the day was a haze of confusing emotions for me as I tried my best to deal with it all without really understanding what I was feeling as grief and all the other emotions associated with it.
Trying to get lost in the music
Waiting for something to strike me
Coughing on cigarette smoke from my neighbor
Cursing under my breath as I get lost in the music again

Colors swirling in front of my eyes
A sweet flute melody taking me to high mountains
Crashing drums and gongs taking me to the rocks by the sea
Soaring violin taking me to the clouds and into space
Ringing triangle as I explore the stars
Melodic voice taking me to vast alien planets
Soft whispering piano showing me the creatures in the forest
None of which I have ever seen nor imagined
Roaring guitars as beasts clash and fight tooth and claw
Sudden silence as night time falls and the music fades

I open my eyes and I have my poetry
Perfect by nature
Here they come now
Bow down in wonder

Shattered dreams they walk upon
Apostles of yesteryear
Weavers of the blackest night

No stars shine in their kingdom
Even the soul is muted
Voices die and thoughts collide as they walk by

Sweet sacrifices are made to them
The youngest dreams are taken and slain in their glory
Fear is taking over all they see

Possibilities snuffed out before they have a chance
Manifestation of loss seeping into the homes
Of those bowed in wonder

Names stricken out of their book
As they walk upon shattered dreams
Apostles of yesteryear

Perfect by nature
Here they come now
Bow down in wonder


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Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for the continual following of me, even if I don't write and post as much as I used to, just fighting my way through some personal stuff and winning! And thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! To all the people who still fave my stuff, you rock!!! \m/
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer and lover of all things dark and twisted be it art stories or even other people lol. I guess I'm gothish can be slightly emo at times, like everyone can be :) . I enjoy writing poetry and I'm a massive gamer. If you want to use/post my poetry anywhere all i ask is that you ask me first thanks.

Love to make new friends too so hmu :D

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