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Echos in the mountains
Through caves twisting and deep
The echoing beat
As if on drums of marching armies
Hearts awaken

Growls deep shaking the stones
Earth trembles as bodies shift and burst forth
Loud roars heard for miles
As dragons awaken from slumber long

The ground breaks and the mountains crack
The dragons stretching and flying once more as earth falls away
Dirt and stone fall  upon the ground below them
Their shadows cast  upon the land as they fly again

Shifting cracking air
Rumbling clouds as lightening flickers
The dragons fly again
Twisted sinking words
Spoken from serpent tongue
Corrupting heart deep inside
Claws sinking into thoughts
Black maw opening wide
Threatening to swallow whole

Why do you do this?
Why do you twist me so?
Why do you hate me so much?
Why do you want to see me only fall?

Fighting for breath as I am slowly pulled under
The black murky water inside the maw
All consuming and never ending
Movement sluggish like stuck in quicksand
Unable to break free
All I can do is sink

Tell me why you hate me so much?
Tell me why you get off to this?
Why is it always me?
Why am I so special to you?
Why do you do this to only me?

I slip under fully
I drown in the darkness
Suffocating in the maw
The deep black unending maw of your presence
To end



to end?

Questions that plague me sun rise and sun set
They fill the once blank spaces of my mind
Invading like foreign armies on foreign lands
Like knives stabbed deep into flesh
Like a lover sheathed deep into his female half
Questions consent questions unceasing in their march
Rivers of words pour out from my mouth
In an attempt to drown out the ones in my head
My soul, it screams at my inner self to rise beyond
The poison of an ever filling chalice of deathly poses
I bang on the walls and I brick up the channels of thought and questions
But they are as unending as time and the expansion of infinite space
I read books in the hopes of forcing out the questions or answering some
But on and on they march, unending in their invasion of my privacy

To end



to end?

These questions have no answers
Questions and thoughts can be distracting and destructive 
A slow creeping trickle down your spine
A subtle shift in the air of the room
A sudden darkness at the corner of your vision

You swear you feel a breath upon the back of your neck
A hand upon your shoulder gentle squeezing
Claws digging into your flesh

Your heart hammers in your chest
You switch on all the lights
Your breathing rapid

Yet there is nothing in the room
Only your cloths in a pile
Your bed a mess with sheets everywhere

You take a deep breath and close your eyes
Trying to calm your breathing and your hammering chest
You open your eyes and see a face staring at you

It's gone in the blink of an eye before you can scream
The room is once again empty but for you
You slide to the floor and start to cry softly

You hate being so anxious and paranoid
You just wish you were normal
You wish this part of you would go away forever


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Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for the continual following of me, even if I don't write and post as much as I used to, just fighting my way through some personal stuff and winning! And thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! To all the people who still fave my stuff, you rock!!! \m/
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer and lover of all things dark and twisted be it art stories or even other people lol. I guess I'm gothish can be slightly emo at times, like everyone can be :) . I enjoy writing poetry and I'm a massive gamer. If you want to use/post my poetry anywhere all i ask is that you ask me first thanks.

Love to make new friends too so hmu :D

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