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Boiling blood and snarling lips
Sword gripped tight in hand
Staring down the enemy
Crouched down and ready

The whole world will know my name
And they will remember me forever
It is time to make my mark

Swift run and jump towards the enemy
Roaring as I fly through the air
Sword held high and anger glinting in my eyes
Swinging my blade down and being rewarded by a spray of crimson

I growl as I look around at the others surrounding me
Pulling my blade from the dead one at my feet
I smile a grim smile and leap at them
Blade swinging left and right and thrusting

Blood filling the air with the sweet smell of iron
Slain enemies all around me as blood turns the ground to mush
The ones left all shout at and shoot at me and I smile
I stand untouchable covered head to foot in their friend's blood

I launch myself at the rest
Letting my anger take over as a red haze fills my vision
I come back to my senses with the dead enemies all around me
Panting softly as I stare at the sky

My foes, this world's foes defeated once and for all

The whole world will know my name
And they will remember me forever
I have made my mark and I will be remembered
Remember me
"The world shall know me, and I it, and I will find it lacking."~MWG
The early hours when the world is still asleep
The quiet of the streets
The place in between silence and noise

Your breath upon my lips
Your closed eyes and sleeping smile
The rhythm of your breathing

The peace of sleep
The slow pulse of blood
The quiet of beating heart

The scent of you in my bed and upon my skin
Hypnotic and breathtaking
I smile as I watch you slumber

The way you wake slowly
Snuggling into me and making soft noises
My whispered chuckle as I cuddle you

The eyelash on your cheek
My finger gently brushing it away
Your sleepily mumbled "I love you"
This little slice of hell with heaven just above me
And I'm screaming, I'm crying and pounding on the walls stuck below!
I'm stuck below perfection, staring up at the glass ceiling!
While angels stare down at me!
I'm the demon below, the devil you think you know!
I'm screaming and crying and pounding on the walls!
And they just stare at me, keeping me away from heaven
I stare up at perfection and all the faces watching me
And I can't escape this hell!
It's such a perfect prison that I'm trapped in
And I can't escape, and I'm stuck below the surface
I tear at my skin, I scream and cry
Begging for perfection as I pound the walls!
Cause I'm stuck, stuck below and so far away from all my heart craves
This little slice of hell with heaven just above me
Torturing me with visions of what could be
While the angels stare down at me as I crawl into bed to try again tomorrow
As the lights go out in my hell
Sleep eludes me and leaves only insomnia as companion and lover.
I toss and turn in my empty bed, as I seek my elusive sleep.
My covers kicked off and taken back upon my body many times.
My eyes itch and my body aches for blissful sleep and sweet dreams.
But insomnia has her hands clenched tight around my neck, choking sleep from me.
I try to rise and fight but I cannot, so exhausted my mind and body are.
I sigh and close eyes, trying to fight off the bitch who torments me so.
I fake sleep and she just chokes harder and screams her woeful sounds.
I stab and punch and kick at the air to no avail, as she bangs my head against the bed.
I am losing this fight to seine that isn't even there.
If only sleep would come again and save me from this nightmare.
The rush through my veins as I walk along the road
Eyes forward and mind focused on the task before me
A smile stretched across my face as I smell the air
Taking in all the scents around me

I reach my destination and look up at the old castle
What I am after lies somewhere within these walls
I take a breath and rush for the castle doors
Smashing them off their hinges as I put my hand forward

A growl escapes my lips as I look around myself
Seeing the people that stare at me
I run through them faster than a blur
They do not hold my interest

I rush through all the rooms
Ignoring all who gasp and stare at and chase me
I cannot find what I seek until a voice whispers in my head
"Basement" is all it says but it is enough

I rush down to the basement and stop in front of a wall
I reach out and place my hand against it
I feel the ebb and flow of what I seek
Its voice in my head as the mortar in the bricks start to crack

I pull my hand back and form a fist
Sending it hurtling into the wall at superhuman speeds
The wall breaks with ease and reveals my prize to me
I reach out and wrap my hand around the hilt pulling my sword free of the rubble

I smile to myself for now it is returned to me

And I feel the world tremble under my feet
I seek for what I have lost, and may the world tremble when I find it.


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Hey guys, I just want to thank you all for the continual following of me, even if I don't write and post as much as I used to, just fighting my way through some personal stuff and winning! And thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! To all the people who still fave my stuff, you rock!!! \m/
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I'm a writer and lover of all things dark and twisted be it art stories or even other people lol. I guess I'm gothish can be slightly emo at times, like everyone can be :) . I enjoy writing poetry and I'm a massive gamer. If you want to use/post my poetry anywhere all i ask is that you ask me first thanks.

Love to make new friends too so hmu :D

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